Ingredients: Alligator skin


These natural alligator skins are from Louisiana and are from the alligator meat market; instead of allowing the skins to go to waste, they are cooked and turned into tasty dog chews!


These chews vary in size, thickness, and shape; no two pieces are alike.

Occasionally, you may see a salt residue, which was used to dry the skin. The majority of the salt gets washed off prior to cooking. No other preservatives or additives are used.


This is a single-ingredient chew that is minimally processed and is appropriate even for dogs with dietary sensitivities, allergies, and for those on raw diets.


These chews are for medium chewers; this firm chew is covered in scales on one side and skin on the other side.  Each package contains one (1) piece of dried alligator skin.

Alligator Chew