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Ingredients: water, grass-fed beef bones, organic apple cider vinegar, organic parsley, organic dandelion, organic thyme


This beef bone broth is made from locally raised beef bones simmered for a minimum of 36 hours. Crude Carnivore uses knuckle bones which gives the broth its gelatinous texture and provides richness in proteins for cell regeneration and healing.


Crude Carnivore's bone broth was created to support the digestion processes of dogs and cats, while promoting skin health and offering joint support. The owner of the company (another woman-owned business in Illinois!)  believes in using only the cleanest ingredients meaning there are never any pesticides or herbicides. All ingredients are locally sourced in southern Illinois and grown to provide your pets with most nutritious broth, while supporting other small businesses along the way.


Crude Carnivore uses marrow and knuckle bones sourced from local farms that humanely raise their animals on pasture. This is important  because it provides mineral and protein rich broth, offering strength and healing to your pet’s body.  In addition, since water can often be contaminated with unwanted toxins, Crude Carnivore uses carbon filtered, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light treated water which has had all its impurities removed.


Calorie Content:

174 ME kcal/kg - 5 kcal/oz ME


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) 2.41% , Crude Fat (Min) 0.28%, Crude Fiber (Max) <0.5%, Crude Moisture (Max) 97.53%, Crude Ash (Max) 0.14%


How to feed: This broth can be poured directly from the bottle onto your dog or cat's food.  I like to warm it up on the stove first and then pour over and mix into the food, making a nice warm meal...which is prefect on a cold winter day!

Crude Carnivore Bone Broth - BEEF

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