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Ingredients: beef trachea

Dried Whole Beef Trachea are from US cattle. Each package contains one (1) whole beef trachea. Each trachea is approxiately 6" long, 1.5-2" in diameter and 1.5-2oz in weight. These trachea are an excellent and much healthier alternative to rawhide chews. They are a great size for most dogs, and can be cut into smaller pieces for smaller dogs or can be fed a smaller amount at a time, saving the rest for later. Trachea can also be stuffed with canned or raw food and frozen for an even longer lasting chew/treat!Trachea is a natural source for chondroitin sulfate. Beef tracheal cartilage has also shown success in helping to isolate cancers, tumors and other diseases by preventing their growth and spread. This is an excellent product for all dogs, young or old and especially breeds known for hip/joint problems.Dehydrated Whole Beef Trachea are all natural with no preservatives, additives, steroids, hormones, antibiotics or denaturing agents. 100% grain free and gluten free.

Dried Beef Trachea

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