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Ingredients: beef tendon


Each package contains one (1) single tendon, approximately 6-9" long and of variable thickness.


These tendons and sourced from free range South American cattle and are gently dried to create a nice chew for puppies and dogs of all sizes.  Tendons are a fairly long lasting chew, and highly desired by the majority of dogs; plus, they tend not to "crumble" like other chews, which means they don't make a mess when your dog chews them. Tendons are lower in fat compared to other popular chews like marrow bones and pig ears, so they are a good option for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and are also a much safer alternative to rawhide.   Tendons act like dental floss to help clean teeth and naturally scrape away plaque buildup while chewing.


Please supervise your pet while giving him/her any edible chews, and ensure that your dog does not bite off pieces too large to swallow.  Discard tendon once it is too small for your dog to safely chew.

Dried Beef Tendon

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