Ingredients: rabbit hide (with fur)


Dried Rabbit Hide Strips come in a bag of approximately 5-8 pieces of dried rabbit hide and a total of 3oz in weight; the last picture in this product listing shows one typical order, which is approximately one whole rabbit hide. These hide strips are the perfect chew for most dogs and cats, and a wonderful alternative to dried rabbit feet and other harder chews for pets that have few teeth and need a softer chew. These hand cut hide strips are approximately 4-6” in length and are gently dehydrated in small batches to create a healthy chew for dogs and cats.


These hide strips contain a nice amount of fur, which has many health benefits; they are high in fiber for digestive health and stool structure. These rabbits come from small family rabbitries in Wisconsin and this product contains no preservatives, additives, grains or gluten.

Dried Rabbit Hide Strips