Limited quantity!  Elk Burrs are a natural, long-lasting chew for small to medium size dogs.  Each Elk Burr is approximately 3.5" in diameter and 3/4"-1" thick with an 8" long, 1/2" thick rope through the middle.   They have a textured exterior which makes for an exciting chew. These antlers are from North American Elk and are loaded with calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients.  Antlers are an annually renewable animal cartilage and bone tissue only generated by members of the deer family that naturally fall off in late winter. An antler burr is the point where the antler attached to the elk's skull. Nature creates a burr to be virtually indestructible, making it an excellent dog chew due to the unusual texture. CAUTION:   * Always supervise your dog when giving antlers and buttons.* Do not allow dogs to try to swallow them or break them in half. * These natural antler chews are very hard and can break teeth if too aggressively chewed.  *Discard antler or burr when it becomes too small or sharp for your dog to safely chew.

Elk Burr Rope Toy



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