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Ingredients: pheasant feet Each package contains 3 pheasant feet. Single ingredient treat/chew for dogs, cats and ferrets; no preservatives, hormones, antibiotics or additives.Made and sourced in the USA.Sourced from a family pheasant farm in Wisconsin where they are free roaming and humanely raised; these pheasants eat non-GMO food and are not given any hormones or antibiotics.Pheasant feet contain glucosamine, which supports healthy joints.Gently freeze dried in small batches to retain natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals.Great for snacks, chews or as part of a meal. Each foot is 3.5-5” long.These pheasant feet can be fed dry or reconstituted by soaking in a dish of lukewarm water and used as a meal topper.

Freeze Dried Pheasant Feet - 3

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