Ingredients: rabbit livers, rabbit lungs, rabbit hearts, rabbit thymus, rabbit kidneys, rabbit pancreas, rabbit testicles, rabbit ovaries, rabbit spleen


Freeze dried rabbit organ blend come in a 2oz bag which is equivalent to 6oz of fresh rabbit organs.  These freeze dried organs can be used as a meal topper as well as mixed into a raw diet for the organ meat portion, which is a critical part to any DIY raw diet.  This is an easy and convenient way to incorporate organ meat into your pet's diet; simply mix into food or sprinkle onto food as a topper; this organ blend can also be rehyrated.  Keep in mind that the ratio of dry to fresh organ meat is 1:3, so for example: if your pet requires 1 oz of organ meat per day, you would feed 1/3 oz (@9 g) per day of the freeze dried organ blend.


The freeze drying process locks in over 95% of the nutrients of raw rabbit organs. The rabbits come from small family rabbitries in Wisconsin; this product contains no preservatives, additives, grains or gluten.   Store in a cool, dry place away from the sunlight; reseal and use within 30 days of opening.  If you plan to use this product beyond 30 days from opening it should be kept in the freezer for long term storage.

Freeze Dried Rabbit Organ Blend

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