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       inspired by Miles + Truman...       

Miles and Truman were the inspiration for me to make my own dog food and treats for over 16 years.  After countless hours of research, reading books, and talking to many others that feed raw I developed - and continue to develop - my own recipes and treats that have been put to the test for over 16 years.  In addition, I have completed the Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist program through Dogs Naturally University.  My dogs have thrived on their homemade food.  I was always told 'you will be able to tell the difference between dogs that have been raised naturally on a raw diet and minimal vaccinations and dogs that eat a typical (kibble) diet'.  It took some time for me to realize that, but it's true - their coats are beautiful and shiny, teeth are clean, they have an abundance of energy and they have a sparkle and light in their eyes.


We have fostered and adopted several dogs and have transitioned all of them to a 100% raw diet.  The difference in their coats, muscle tone, and energy is astonishing.  They have thrived on a raw diet and look so much healthier than they were when we first started fostering them.  I have spread the word about the benefits of a raw diet for many years and am excited to share my freeze dried treats with other dog and cat owners who are equally as particular about their pets' diets.

-Carrie Yohe Thiergart, Founder

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