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Ingredients: beef cheek, beef natural flavoring, gelatin, vegetable glycerin


Each package contains one (1) single beef cheek roll, approximately 6"-8" long; there can be some variation in length and thickness. 


These beef cheek rolls are a MUCH HEALTHIER alternative to traditional rawhide bones and rolls. Beef cheeks aren't processed like traditional rawhide and still retain the different layers of the skin. Unlike a rawhide knotted bone, beef cheeks are less dense, made out of one continuous piece of beef cheek (rather than smaller scraps cooked together in a mold) and more digestible.  Each cheek roll is basted with a beef flavoring, which helps improve the palatability of the chew.


This chew starts out firm and breaks down into a soft and chewy texture as it's being consumed; it's a long lasting chew for medium and large dogs.


Please supervise your pet while giving him/her any edible chews, and ensure that your dog does not bite off pieces too large to swallow.

Beef Cheek Roll - Large

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