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Ingredients: beef pizzle


Each package contains one (1) braided bully stick, approximately 6" long and 1" wide.


These braided bully sticks and sourced from free range, grass fed South American cattle and are gently dried to create a nice chew for most dogs and puppies.  These low odor chews are for dogs weighing up to 50lbs. This durable braided bully is a long lasting chew even for powerful chewers; it's a tougher chew compared to a regular straight bully stick.


This is a single-ingredient chew that is minimally processed and is appropriate even for dogs with dietary sensitivities, allergies, and for those on raw diets.


Please supervise your pet while giving him/her any edible chews, and ensure that your dog does not bite off pieces too large to swallow.  Discard braided bully stick once it is too small for your dog to safely chew.

Braided Bully Stick

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