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Ingredients: cow ear


Each package contains one (1) single cow ear, approximately 6-8" long, 3-4" wide and 1 oz in weight.  These cow ears are gently dried to create a nice chew for puppies and dogs of all sizes.  This chew isn't as hard as a bully stick, so it's a good recommendation for senior dogs or dogs with missing teeth.


Cow ears are an all natural, digestible, healthy treat for dogs because they are low in fat and are a single ingredient treat. They are have almost no odor and are a very clean, non-greasy chew, ideal for customers who are concerned with their dogs eating a messy treat on their carpet.   These cow ears come from grass fed cows and are a great alternative to rawhide, which is not good for dogs. 


Please supervise your pet while giving him/her any edible chews, and ensure that your dog does not bite off pieces too large to swallow.

Dried Cow Ear

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