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Ingredient: raw goat's milk


Freeze dried goat's milk is a supplement for dogs and cats of all ages which is freeze dried in small batches in Lake Forest, Illinois. The goats are from a small family farm in Wisconsin. Each 1oz bag makes 10oz of rehydrated raw goat's milk.


Raw goat's milk is naturally full of probiotics and is beneficial for digestion, the immune system, inflammation and joint pain; it is also great for pets with skin issues and itching.


Freeze dried goat's milk is a convenient way to add raw goat's milk to your pet's diet (and great for traveling!); add a small amount of water to rehydrate (add approximatley 2.25oz of water per 1/4 of the bag) and add to your pet's food, or serve as a snack/supplement. Each package is 1 oz, which is equivalent to 10 oz of raw goat's milk prior to the freeze drying process.

Freeze Dried Raw Goat Milk

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