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Ingredients: 60% Ostrich Lung, 40% Ostrich Heart


Unlike common protein sources like chicken or beef, many dogs haven't tried ostrich, making it a perfect choice for dogs with frustrating food allergies.  Organ meats have a richer nutrient profile when compared to muscle meat, and are a good source of B Vitamins, Iron, Zinc, and Folate.  This Ostrich Heart and Lung Mix is wood smoked and has a pleasant smell which is appealing to most dogs.   


Pound for pound, ostrich is lower in fat, and higher in protein and minerals when compared to beef and chicken.  Ostrich is an ideal protein choice for a variety of dogs with special dietary requirements, such as working canine athletes seeking extra protein in their diet or dogs counting calories or requiring a low-fat diet for their well-being.  Each piece varies slightly in length and thickness; each bag is 4 oz.


Made in South Africa

Ostrich Heart + Lung Mix

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